Please click the link below to access our WeTransfer Account.

Please replace the general npgraphics@napaprinting.com address by copying and pasting
the email address of your Napa Printing contact from the list below. 
If you do not currently have a contact, simply upload your files and a Customer Service Representative will reach out to you. 
Kristi Dunbar: KDunbar@napaprinting.com
Maggy Walton: MWalton@napaprinting.com
Christine Jarvey: CJarvey@napaprinting.com
Fed Garibay: FGaribay@napaprinting.com


Once we receive your files, we'll pre-flight and review them and let you know if there are any questions.
For more information on file prep and set-up, please visit our FAQ page.


We accept files in Mac and PC formats from the following programs*:

All versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word,* and Adobe PDF


*Will be converted into Adobe CC files or placed in Adobe documents